If someone told me I’d write over 100 articles and publish a blog post every Tuesday for two years straight I would’ve said, “No way, that’s impossible.”

I tend to flit from project to project and so the fact that I’ve kept at blogging for so long is surprising, even to me.

When I started this blog, I only had two short pieces written and a sketchy idea about how my blog, FROM THE CORE, could contribute.

I knew very little about social media and wasn’t on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

But I was furious after reading an article about microbeads, which are tiny plastic particles used in exfoliating products and toothpastes. They cause water pollution. They are environmental hazards— bad for fish and ultimately us.

I didn’t have a way to share what I’d learned or a platform to express my fury.

And I wanted one.

I began this blog with trepidation but ultimately jumped right in.

Once I was in, I had to swim.

People ask me all the time, “How do you come up with a different topic every week?”

The answer is there is always another topic. As long as I’m breathing, thinking, living— there is always something to share, a question to ask or an idea to discuss.

Initially, when developing FROM THE CORE I had a tagline, Creativity, Curiosity, Connection, which served as a sort of mission statement. In reflecting back, I think I’ve been true to my purpose.

This year we’ve covered a lot of ground.

We’ve had some laughs…

When to Clean House
Dating After 50
Fantasy Football: Winners and Losers
What You Should Never Do to Your Literary Agent
What I Wouldn’t Do for Good Skin
Repressed Memories
What Your Bookcase, Medicine Cabinet and Google History Say About You

We’ve addressed some serious topics as well…

Sex Trafficking: It’s Our Issue
Teach Love, Not Hate
Sex and Consent
Guns, Gun Control and Self Defense
Love and Marriage

There’s been some self- growth…
How to Overcome Fear: One Firewalk Step at a Time

And there were some posts that I had no idea would be so poignant to so many of you….
What Shabbat Looks Like in A Syrian Jewish Home

This year…

A number of online magazines published my work.

I developed a website.

And my readership has grown significantly.

While all of this is great, the part I like most is the connection I feel to all of you — my readers.

Your support, encouragement and engagement are most appreciated. Thank you for a fabulous 2nd year!!

Sometimes when I’m home, alone, writing and everyone I know is at the beach, or at lunch, or working and actually making money, I wonder why I do this.

Does this work matter?

And then I stop my negative thinking and remind myself that it does.

I know this because of your comments, the ones in the comment section, the ones you email to me privately and the ones you share with me when I see you in person.

Your comments are my fuel.

They keep me going!!