Stop and take a deep breath.

Now take another.

And another.

Pay attention: You can feel the difference in your body immediately.


We need oxygen to live. Through breath we take in oxygen. Oxygen is distributed via blood to the trillions of cells in our bodies. Oxygenation of cells is absolutely necessary to maintain health.

So why then do we take shallow, half, breaths? Why don’t we take long, deep, breaths?

My breath typically starts and ends in my chest even though it’s supposed to reach my belly, diaphragmatic breath.

But I’m paying attention now and discovering how lymphasizing (improving lymphatic flow) helps rid our body of toxins, bad cells, waste, bacteria and viruses.

Belly breathing will aid our digestive system, our immune system and our nervous system.

It will improve circulation and lessen anxiety.

Meditation and yoga are two practices that can help inspire deep breath.

When we take slow deep breaths, we increase the flow of blood in our bodies and energize ourselves. So stop again and take a long deep breath.

Take another.

Why wouldn’t we?